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Panasonic Unveils ‘Made for Africa’ Air Conditioners in Nigeria

In bid to constantly remain the home appliance brand of choice among the Nigerian consumers, Panasonic has unveiled its new range of room air conditioners, which comes with automatic voltage switcher system (AVS) to protect important component such as compressor from severe voltage fluctuation.
According to the manufacturers of the product, the innovation is introduced to tackle the region’s key challenge of voltage fluctuation, air purification and energy saving. New nanoe-G will enable to deactivate 99 per cent of bacteria and virus attached to filter while intelligent EcoNavi sensor will save up 35 per cent energy without sacrificing the comfort level.

Speaking at the unveiling of the brand in Lagos recently, the Promoter, Panaserv Nigeria Limited, franchise owners of Panasonic in Nigeria Mr.
Suraj Rupani said the new Econavi room air conditioners with AVS feature not only enables the air conditioner to efficiently operate on a wider voltage range of 185V-260V but also prevents the compressor from being demaged by switching it off when there is a surge or drop in voltage.
“If the compressor is switched off, the airflow in the room is continued. The cooling operation automatically restarts when the voltage returns to inside of 185V to 260V.” the feature according to him helps in saving space and maintaining the room décor as there is no need to install an external voltage tripper.

The air purification system called nanoe-G embedded within this product captures and removes 99 per cent of harmful micro-organisms from the air. It is also capable to deactivate 99 per cent micro-organisms trapped on the surfaces like curtains, sofas present in the room and the filter.
Rupani said the product utilizes nanoe-technology to purify the air and clean harmful micro-organisms. In addition, he said this function (nanoe-G) is able to deactivate 99 percent of harmful micro-organisms which attached to inside filter.
He informed that the existing range of Air Conditioners have been upgraded with the new EcoNavi sensors, which can sense human absence, human activity and sunlight condition. “These sensors automatically adjust cooling power to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort and convenience.

Also commenting on the new product line-up that comes with advance features, Mr. Dipendu Goon, Country Manager of Panasonic in Nigeria said, “the key challenge which we have overcome through this new range of air conditioners is that we have a product designed to meet the challenging voltage conditions and is capable to reduce power consumption by up to 35 per cent without compromising on the comfort of the users. With just one touch of the button the user is able to save power without any extra effort,” he said.

With this new product, cooling is possible even when the outside temperature is 55 decree centigrade which makes it ideal for areas with
harsh weather conditions. The models are available in four different  capabilities between 9000 BTU to 24000 BTU. The new range is already in
Panasonic centres across the country in Victoria Island, Lekki, Port Harcourt, Kano, Apapa, Abuja and Ikeja.

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